Not Knot Pillows

These unique must-haves are not only decorative but comfortable as well. Their young designer Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir, born in Iceland in 1981, holds a Bachelor in Product Design from the Iceland Academy of Arts as well as ladyera a Master in Product Design from the Cranbook Academy of Arts in 2008.  Inspired by scout knotting, but also considering nautical and decorative knots she started creating the cushions.

The Icelandic designer was simply fascinated by the process of knotting and thus decided to play with size and texture to transform the knot’s image of being “hard and secure” into “soft and cozy”. The result leaves us with carprofen four lovely styles: Turk’s Headpillow, Ashley’s, Good luck and Round Brocade (as the name says this pillow resembles a wreath in contrast to the other 3 rather squared shaped options). All differ in knotting and multiple colors are available. Pick one if you like the combination of simplicity and unique design with a touch of robustness.

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