Snow Sled by Volkswagen

Even this time around, Volkswagen amazed its devoted clientele with this impressive seasonal accessory’s design that can be easily added to your car.  This sled is designed to fit easily into the car’s trunk compartment and is ultra handy (but mostly entertaining) for when you are hitting the ski slopes.
The sled is fabricated out of plastic which dones  it a certain lightness, and features footrests integrated on both sides for enhanced comfort.  Moreover, its sinuous body reflects the car’s design and the fact that the aesthetic features, for such a common and underestimated object, have been enhanced, grants us the opportunity to fully appreciate its form and style.
Furthermore, the low price of sixty-five euros captures the attention of even the most pretentious client.
However, Volkswagen is sensitive to its clients who feel the nostalgia of their youth: for these “evergreen” consumers, a wooden folding sled is offered at the price of  fifty euros.  Its essential, almost primitive, shape is well balanced with the light color of the material. Most importantly, Volkswagen has given us a modern reassessment of a common object tied to everyone’s snowy winters: a beautifully crafted piece of design that can be used to have fun with friends or family, without giving up on traditions.

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