Bentley EXP 9F

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When you buy a Bentley, you demand luxury. You don’t simply need a fancy design and a six digit lease, you want to feel the quality of the leather and the sharpness fish antibiotics canada of the wood. And this is exactly what the future (wealthy) owner of the new british SUV is going to find with a EXP 9 F.

At the Bentley HQ someone asked: why let people buy a Cayenne or a Range Rover, when we can give them something classier? Not better, classier. Saddle leather for lower surfaces and wool carpets, wood details and soft leather. That is all you are going to find. Obviously supported by the latest technology in terms of infotainment: touch screen displays in the backseats with multimedia and climate controlling. Talking exterior design, you will find the classic smooth lines of the ladyera Continental and even more traditional big, round optical groups in the front.

Yes, you will find a turbo-charged W12 engine or a plug-in hybrid with a V8 diesel inside. But since you are buying a car with an actual luxury minibar in the trunk, you won’t care will you?